A Fair City

A novel by Dr. Daniel Weiss.


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In Dalkey, south of Dublin, Ireland, Mrs. O'Malley's boarding house is where people stay for short periods of time. It is where Mick, an American living at the boarding house, watches other people's lives while he works at living his own, forgetting his life before Ireland.

At a chance meeting, Mick falls in love with an American woman studying in Dublin and this sets in motion a re-exploration of Ireland and Mick's own motives, illusion and reality fighting against one another. Striving to understand the basis of his adopted new country and culture, Mick must decide what his direction his life will go if he can be honest with himself and others.

In this sometimes funny, sometimes tragic novel, Daniel Weiss gives us a portrait of friendship and desire, of memory, of people working out their lives and dreams, trying to make them one and the same.

Dr. Daniel Weiss

"The novel offers insights into the complexities and nuances of Irish society and traditions, providing readers with a vivid portrayal of Dublin's atmosphere and the broader Irish landscape."
Type: Novel
ISBN: 9780974609607
Language: English
Gerne: Fiction
Publication Year: 2004
Country: United States
Edition: First Edition
Publisher: Elysian Group, T.H.E.
Literary Movement: Modernism, Post-Modernism, Realism
Topic: Romance/General
Number of Pages: 282

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